Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ageing Boomers

Recently read an interesting article that mentioned starting as of this January, here in the US, every six minutes another "baby boomer" turns 65. Now I suppose that is only logical as starting in 1946 for roughly the next five years, a baby was born every six minutes!!! Only figures, right!!

The article's main focus was that the "boomers" were finding themselves in a "bind" with three main issues: financial security for the remaing years, concerns for health care, and "not being like their folks" inactive with the direction of "old folks" housing.

I'm not a professional in either of the first two, but definitely am in the third. (And, as an aside, I'm in the same position!! so I relate to exactly those feelings.) I keep reading/hearing from several different sources that the new "boomers/seniors" prefer to live out their remaining years living in their current home. They like the neighborhood, don't want to loose those memories associated with their home, etc., etc., all kinds of reasons.

What they seem to refuse to address, however, is that they are changing, physically esp., but their home is not. Their home is not changing w/their changing life-style needs. Further, they feel they do not need to address the situation now, deal w/it when such becomes a problem. Well. understand that to some extent, no one really wants to deal w/more problems; but, when your home is on fire is not the time to wish you had taken out better fire coverage insurance...Too late.

Waiting until a "need" occurs, or worse yet, a crisis, fits that same description. Urgency sets in and all to often wrong things are done for all the right reasons.

Boomers/seniors, your needs ARE going to change and your home needs to change w/u. Your sight, hearing, maneuverability, accessibility are at the top of the list. Barrier free living, addressing all four, will become essential.

This need may be recognized, but in addition to "facing it when it becomes a problem" an other issue is introduced: adapting. Humans (and animals) have an innate ability to "adapt" to their surroundings, especially if changes come on slowly. We subliminally adjust....that is we just do it w/out really thinking about it: what it is, is what it is. What is not realized, however, is that doing such introduces subliminal stress. Adding more stress to one's life is usually not a good thing. Psychologists often point out that this stress negatively adds to "in-home" relationships which in turn get transferred to "other issues". Having such stress is NOT necessary.

In this blog I address the many items, changes that need to be made and suggest ways of obtaining such. And, yes, I address cost issues as well. Look back over the previous postings and check back for further insights. You truly CAN live out your years, independently, in your own home.