Saturday, August 7, 2010

News Flash!!

News Flash!!!!! BOOMERS.....Woodstock is gone, not coming back. No matter how you wish the "what, me worry" carefree days, think about tomorrow, tomorrow, times would last for ever.....they didn't. Yup, you try to ignore "tomorrow" w/HGH, high potency vitamins, botox, etc. You still believe you can go rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking, run a marathon, etc. But not for long. Soon thoughts of climbing up a ladder to paint the house will not be so appealing. Just getting around, bending over, getting up from a sofa, is going to be an effort. What about that super eye sight. One thing is are going to age. Well, of course you might not, but that's not a good solution!!!

It's like our current economic situation, no one really saw it coming. Thought the "good times" would just keep on going.......DIDN'T.
Never envisioned the effects of it......Just like aging.

The time to plan for a potential house fire is NOT while it is burning. Not the time to start thinking about escape routs. Not the time to wish you had expanded your insurance coverage. You need FORWARD planning....Just like aging.

Adult "children" of Boomers......With out proper/adequate preparation, your parents future path is set.......YOU ARE IT!!!

PLAN...........PREPARE.......NOW. Don't be caught in a crisis.