Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm certain you have seen/heard the TV commercial "When I grow up I want to be an old Woman", right? When I first heard it my reaction was: WHAT!! Are you kidding? Why?.....Then after thinking about it: Ya, suppose so; the alternative sucks!!!

This clip, however, is a great one. It deals, in somewhat a humorous way, with a serious FEAR..getting older.
Can't get round much any more. Takes longer to do what I used to do.
Day-to-day activities have become challenges....Looks like a rockin
chair and card playing future....
Fortunately in today's world, that FEAR can be successfully addressed and overcome
by being informed and pro-active. This is especially true regarding one's home.

Ageing at home, or assisting loved ones to do so, traditionlly has been a dreadful, daunting task. one that was usually avoided, put-off until a crisis forced attention to it.....And Yes, that was me and our family.

First it was my sister-inlaw who contracted MS. Years later, my mother fell and broke her hip. Neither could function in their own homes. Being a graduate in architectural design with spcialization in residential housing I shockingly realized that designing was based upon BUILDINGS rather than PEOPLE. Homes are designed with an archectural style, fitted with "pop and flair" and fancy fixtures, people acquire them....then adapt/adjust to the house. This all seems just backwards.

Since then I have been directed to understanding the needs/wants of people and designing homes/additions to meet those requirements. This especially applys to the physically challenged and seniors.

AND can be done. Your home does not have to be as it is, you do have choices. You can have your home the way you want/need it to be to work for you. To do so does require SIGNIFICANT study and planning....and PLANNING AHEAD.

Check back....I'll be addressing this. Be informed...stay informed

Saturday, December 12, 2009

There seems to be several "studies" and "reports" that suggest this population segment referred to as "seniors" is an independent bunch. One not necessairly willing to just "give-in" to ageing; but fighting it all the way.
HEY....I resemble that remark!!!
Principal amoung this thinking is NOT checking into an "elder hostle"; but, in fact staying in their own home......HEY....Me again!!!

This is a GREAT idea; however, this means having to pay attention to our future. And PAY ATTENTION TO IT NOW. Don't wait until a crisis happens and then make hasty decisions. Ever heard: "hast makes waste"? Often does...and in this instance it is really true. Having to make such hasty decisions usually end up being the WRONG ones, being totally costly, and totally unattractive to your home.

This "age-at-home" thing requires a LOT of planning and study. It is NOT just about installing grab bars, changing toilets, nor making provisions for easier mobility.Age-At-Home is a PROCESS...a process to create a living environment that not only fits immediate situations, but is flexible/adaptable in meeting extended needs.

It is a life-style design concept vs. the usual building desing concept. Working w/ a designer who specializes in this direction can make it all attainable.

To be informed, to stay informed; check out http://www.Age-At-Home.Info.
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Friday, December 11, 2009

LA/Orange County Calif. .. Seniors!!!!
Are you among those who fear that growing older may mean having to leave your home? Are you concerned that such action would mean loosing a comfortable setting; familiar community; convenience to services; safety & security; not the least of concern, sacrificing your independence & dignity....and oh, those memories.....Wouldn't you rather stay.....

Well, GOOD NEWS!!! may NOT have to leave. However, to accommodate the physical, mental, and psychological changes that occur, physical changes should be made to your acheive these successfully requires SIGNIFICANT planning.

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