Friday, April 2, 2010

home improvement

Home improvement/home modifications. Notice of up-coming five part informational series which shall cover how home modifications, improvements can/should compliment, assist your living. How to have your home "work" for you to better your lifestyle and usage; adjusting it to your needs vs. the normal conditions of: here is your house, you adapt to it as best you can.

This series is especially applicable to seniors, but boomers, young adults; actually any homeowner can benefit from this approach.

Part I introduces some home modifications that do create a more livable, supportive home environment. Addresses how modifying existing elements in your home can (1) make it easier to perform day-to-day tasks (2)provide a more flexible, adaptable home (3) improve ingress, egress constraints, hazards (4) Improve ambient, task lighting (5) bathroom and kitchen adjustments for better movement, accessibility (6) stairway issues (7) safe transition thru your home.......just to mention some things for starters!!!!

Part II introduces the first of four "hurdles" which must be over come for people to achieve this supportive environment. Parts III, IV,V shall deal independently with each of the other hurdles.

The series concludes with the Epilogue: putting things into actyion.

Stay tuned-in; it shall be a valuable excursion.

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